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About the photographer

Since he was able to walk, Ruben Drenth (1992) has been following in the footsteps of his father, photographer Jurjen Drenth. Growing up in a creative family, surrounded by photographers and artists in a small town in The Netherlands, it was perhaps inevitable that he would become a photographer himself. "My best memories are from the many travels I made because of of father’s profession," he says. "The same passion that is part of him found its way into my veins."

"I never leave a place without trying to make it better.”


Having decided he wanted to be a travel photographer for the rest of his life, he started with simple equipment and focused less on technique but more on what was around him. He was soon working as a full-time photographer himself. "I am always enthusiastic when I am working," he says. "If I’m not in a good mood, I pause and make sure my mood improves. If there’s no time to pause, somehow the entire universe collaborates to make me happy. A smile and good intentions are the best approach for making a good photo. I believe it inspires people around me and therefore makes it a better place and a more preferable working space.




Ruben in Tuscany

July, 2001


photo by Jurjen Drenth


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